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Why Sell MasterBrand Cabinets?

Partnering with MasterBrand means partnering with leading craftsmen who understand your needs and the needs of your customers. We pride ourselves on providing cabinets that have been proven in the home to fit any space, any style and any life.

Power of Portfolio

From standard to custom, our brands offer an extensive selection of styles, finish options, customizations and price points so your customers will always be able to turn their vision into reality using our local cabinet dealers.

Operational Excellence

From the workshop to the home, your satisfaction with our products, service and support is our priority. Utilizing a national-to-local supply chain in the United States and Canada, our manufacturing and distribution channels are strategically located to ensure your orders are:

  • Delivered on-time
  • Delivered complete
  • Competitively priced and fashionable
  • At or above customer expectations

Partner Champion

A true partnership goes beyond filling an order. Which is why our goal isn’t to put money in our pockets, it’s to grow your business, successfully. To accomplish this, MasterBrand offers a variety of programs and resources designed to attract new business and guarantee a positive experience for your customers. Our programs include:

  • Partnership Programs – Various financial support and rewards programs to help you grow your business
  • Promotional Support – National, regional promotions that run throughout the year
  • Co-Marketing Support – Print and online resources that help consumers find and recognize you
  • Designer Tools – Access to free, interactive training seminars
  • Consumer Support – A variety of professional brochures, guides and other literature to help consumers find the right cabinets for them
  • Showroom Merchandising – Helpful hands-on store experiences that show more options in less space