Kitchen cabinets with Enkeboll and crown mouldings

Design Your Room

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Cabinet Accents and Embellishments

Tying your style together

Cabinet accents and embellishments can provide depth and finish to your new kitchen, support your selected design theme and bring a quality of completion to the project. Following are some types of cabinet accents to consider when designing your room. 

In addition to the items listed below, accents and embellishments can also be created through custom cabinetry to match the exact look you are seeking to achieve with your dream design.

Cabinet Mouldings

Cabinet crown moulding

There are several cabinet moulding options available, ranging from simple crown moulding to more elaborate, stacked designs with inlays. You can also use light rail moulding to disguise under cabinet lighting, or baseboard moulding to cover the toekick area and give your cabinets a furniture feel.

Cabinet Legs and Feet

Cabinet legs on a sink base cabinet

Create a statement at a sink or cooktop area by flanking it with decorative cabinet legs that suit your style. If you enjoy furniture-type detailing, your cabinet designer might suggest a decorative foot application to the toekick space on selected cabinets.

Split Turnings

Kitchen island with split turnings

Flat on one side, turned on the other, split turnings are accent elements that allow your designer to embellish a tall cabinet unit by attaching the flat side to the face of an end panel with the stile attached. Similarly, a split turning can add the look of a table leg to a bumped out area – such as a sink or a stovetop.

Cabinet Onlays

Cabinet onlay on a wood hood

Decorative onlays help to convey a theme within a room, helping you to accentuate your style. Typically more traditional in design, these details might be placed on the aprons of wood hoods, on a straight valance above a refrigerator or in front of a window.

Cabinet Valances

Toekick valances on base cabinets

Although a decorative valance is commonly found above a window, it can also be used at the toe space of cabinets to create a furniture look. In addition, a cabinet valance can be used as the overhang of an island, providing the more finished look of a table in your kitchen.


Corbels providing countertop support on a kitchen island

Corbels are key to countertop support. For example, when selecting a heavy granite countertop, there must be a cabinet corbel support every 36 inches. MasterBrand Cabinets offers a stylish array of corbels that can suit the design theme of any room.