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Cabinet Design Trends: The Hot List

What's Trending in Cabinetry

Whether you're ready for a home renovation project or just looking to get inspired, we've compiled a list of the latest kitchen and bathroom design trends you need to know about.

Cabinet Color Trends

Cabinet Color Trends

White cabinets have dominated the design world for the last decade. While white is still a player, now is the time to make a statement and create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams in living color.

The Next Normal


Our world is ever-changing and the way we think about our at-home activities is changing too. Putting new priorities into play is on everyone’s mind, learn more on where home design is headed.

Survey Says


By the numbers a large percentage of the population are re-thinking what matters most when planning today’s home. See what the top three trends reveal as our “home quarters” becomes “headquarters”.

Modern Farmhouse Design

Modern Farmhouse Design

Looking for a comfy-chic living space? With a mix of clean lines, neutral colors and accentuated with personal character-- today's modern farmhouse is a blend of simplicity and rustic detailing; a stylishly casual take on traditional design. 

Urban Industrial Design


Like an edgier look? Mixing metals and vintage materials with warm wood tones and clean-lined design lends a downtown vibe to any area of the home. The urban industrial design trend adds visual interest, while keeping it real.  

Concealed Storage

Concealed Storage

Everyone wants to know what goes on behind closed doors. Good kitchen design has always been about balancing fashion with function, and today's trend takes concealed storage to a new level-- with modern conveniences designed to delight, while keeping the storage out of sight.   

Techie Features

Techie Features, Technology in the Kitchen

Technology innovations are key in kitchen design and it's hard to say what you won't be able to live without. From smart appliances to charging stations to automatic lighting, there are plenty of ways to bring technology into the kitchen.  But a tablet holder while creating your newest Pinterest find?  That's what we're talking about!