Pecan cabinet wood

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Pecan Cabinets

Dramatic Color Variations

Pecan cabinets range from blonde or white to reddish-brown and dark brown. The dramatic wood colors within a piece come courtesy of this wood type’s heartwood and sapwood. This naturally contrasting appearance adds to their appeal, with pecan wood cabinetry making for beautiful kitchen cabinets, as well as in the bath when used for a pecan vanity.

Rugged and Strong

Pecan cabinet wood

Those who choose the pecan wood type for cabinets will find that it is a smooth, extremely strong, close-grained wood with a heavy, flowing grain pattern. The grain is usually straight but can be irregular and wavy at times. The wood has a rugged appearance and coarse texture. Characteristics include pinholes, knots, burls and color streaks.

Rustic Pecan Cabinets

Rustic Pecan cabinet door

Rustic pecan cabinets are more radical in color and grain variation, featuring irregular and wavy patterns. Random wormholes, knots, picks, mineral streaks and burls add to its natural charm and rustic appearance.