Close up of insert moulding on light gray cabinets

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Cabinet Moulding

Add personal style to any room

Adding moulding to cabinets gives them a special flair and a stamp of personality. Available in multiple styles and designs, each type of cabinet moulding is a work of art in its own right, while supporting the overall design theme of a remodel.

What is cabinet moulding?

Cabinet moulding, sometimes spelled cabinet molding, is a long, narrow decorative piece of wood that is used to give cabinetry a customized look. It can be used to cover the space between the cabinets and the ceiling, installed atop or below a cabinet, or inserted into the cabinet front. Most of the time moulding is finished in the same color as the cabinetry, but it can also be finished in an accent color.

Types of Cabinet Moulding

Although there are several types of cabinet moulding available, here are a few varieties commonly found in homes.

Crown Moulding

Light gray crown moulding

As its name implies, this type of moulding rests at the very top of a cabinet, giving it a "crown" of decorative wood.

Stacked Moulding

Stacked crown moulding on off white and dark stained cabinets

Several types of cabinet crown moulding are placed one above another at the top of a cabinet, creating a "stacked" look with a dramatic, towering effect.

Insert Moulding

Close up of Infinity insert in under cabinet moulding

This type of cabinet moulding consists of a decorative insert that is incorporated into a cabinet’s exterior, creating a custom-built appearance.

Baseboard Moulding

Close up of baseboard moulding on gray-brown cabinets

Added at the floor level, baseboard moulding provides decorative furniture-like detailing that dresses up the toe-kick area of a base cabinet.

Light Rail Moulding

Light rail moulding underneath cabinets

Used to neatly hide under-cabinet lighting fixtures, light rail moulding creates a soft, subtle and room-enhancing look.

How can cabinet moulding enhance a room design?

From simple to elaborate, moulding can support a multitude of design styles. Following are just a few of its uses to spark your imagination.

Celtic Warmth

Close-up of Celtic insert in crown moulding

Add moulding with intricate woven patterns, graceful knot designs and curved details to bring warmth and adaptable style to any room.

Classic Elegance

Acanthus insert moulding on off white cabinets

Enhance a classic kitchen with moulding featuring swirling floral designs, leafy patterns and deep textures that echo ancient Greek and Roman motifs.

Custom Craftsman

Close up of cabinet moulding in Craftsman style kitchen

Bring out the beauty of a craftsman-style kitchen using moulding patterns that evoke hand-hewn or hand carved designs.

Simple and Relaxed

Cove crown moulding on painted white oak cabinets

Use crown moulding with simple shapes and gentle curves to create a homey, relaxed and inviting look.

Uniquely Yours

Off white cabinets with dark brown stained cabinet moulding

Choose among distinctive cabinet moulding designs to create a one-of-a-kind look that reflects your personal style. Or choose moulding finished in an accent color that is different from the rest of your cabinetry to make it stand out.