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Contemporary Cabinets

Modern Cabinet Design + Utilitarian Style

Walking a fine line between utilitarian and modern cabinetry, a contemporary cabinet design style is all about open spaces and clean lines. Sparingly decorated with large-scale, bold embellishments and usually dominated by more natural tones, contemporary cabinets rely on sleek, smooth and polished surfaces to create a modern level of elegance. When going for a contemporary design style during your kitchen remodel, think streamlined, cultured and bold.

Characteristics of Contemporary Cabinets

Red kitchen cabinets in contemporary design

Natural materials – Aluminum, leather, glass or stone. Choosing kitchen cabinet styles with modern glass cabinet inserts is one way to incorporate natural materials in a contemporary design.

Few accessories – A sleek yet bold look. Modern cabinetry hardware with simple and striking lines can be used to complement a contemporary design.

Geometric elements – Look for cabinet door styles that incorporate geometric shapes such as straight lines, circles or squares. Contrasting colors—such as deep brown cabinets and a striking blue center island—can also serve as geometric elements.