Inset kitchen cabinets in Cherry wood

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Inset Cabinets

Nostalgic Styling

Inset cabinets are making a comeback, providing homeowners with one of the latest trends in home cabinetry. Inspired by the work of skilled craftsmen and artisans of the Georgian and Victorian periods, today's inset cabinets give a nod to nostalgic styling, providing a distinctive, heritage look that many homeowners and designers are seeking.

What are inset cabinets?

White inset cabinetry in a kitchen

Inset cabinetry features doors and drawers that fit inside of the cabinet face frame openings. This type of cabinet construction gives a full view of the cabinet frame, with only minimal spacing or gaps between the cabinet components.

What are the advantages of inset cabinetry?

Image showing a beaded inset cabinet door next to a non-beaded door

Inset cabinetry offers clean lines, flush inset doors and features that can change the look of a standard cabinet with a full overlay door. With inset cabinets, you can personalize the design with either beaded or non-beaded inserts to create your own look and complement your home’s décor. The beaded inset construction is fitted into the cabinet door itself, providing an edge detail that evokes fine craftsmanship.

Inset cabinets can take on a large range of additional modifications, including color and finish options, mouldings and embellishments, enabling you to create beautiful cabinets that celebrate the heritage and simple elegance of transitional styling.