Visit a kitchen showroom to look at cabinetry displays and speak with a kitchen designer.

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Kitchen Showrooms

What to Look for in a Cabinet Showroom

Visiting a showroom can lead to sensory overload, so be sure to take your time considering all of the options. Here are a few things to consider while looking at cabinetry displays.

Cabinet Exteriors

Various cabinet door styles and finishes for a remodeling project

Look at the various door styles and consider whether your style leans toward modern, traditional or transitional styling. You'll have an opportunity to check out the various wood types, finishing techniques, stained finishes, glazes and painted finishes as well. Take notice of the quality of the finish as you interact with the products on display.

Cabinet Interiors

Lazy susan cabinet interior for a kitchen remodeling project

Look inside the cabinets for features that provide the functionality you need. Features can include a wide range of things such as swing out racks, adjustable shelves, wire door shelves and pullouts that allow greater visibility, easier access or better organization.

Cabinet Construction

Learn about the various construction methods while visiting a showroom.

Learn about the various cabinet construction methods that are available and the materials used to construct the cabinets. Open and shut the cabinet doors and drawers to test out the overall quality of the hinges or drawer glides. Ask your designer about the various finished end panel options to learn the difference between an integrated end panel versus a flushed finished end.

Finishing Touches

While visiting the dealer showroom, notice the various finishing touches such as cabinet hardware, glass inserts and embellishments.

Most brands offer their own cabinet hardware and glass inserts making it easier for you to order it all together at one time. While visiting the dealer showroom, walk around the displays to notice the various ways designers have incorporated glass doors, open shelving, hardware and cabinet moulding or embellishments as finishing touches within the displays.