Close up of cabinet door with faux hinge

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Cabinet Hinges

Selecting hinges for your cabinetry

Cabinet hinges have a moveable joint that allows the cabinet door to swing open and closed. They are available in many types and styles — including faux hinge versions — that can add to the beauty and functionality of your cabinetry. Here are some factors to consider when choosing hinges.

Types of Cabinet Hinges

Although there are many, many types of hinges available, three main types are commonly used in cabinet construction: concealed, semi-concealed and faux exposed hinges.

Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Close up of concealed hinge inside a cabinet

Concealed hinges are installed on the interior of the cabinet box and are only visible when the inside of the door is open. Concealed hinges may also be self-closing, making life easier in many homes. This hinge creates a clean look on the exterior of the cabinet door, allowing you to choose any exterior cabinet hardware that fits your style or need. Concealed cabinet hinges are used on framed and frameless cabinetry, as well as inset cabinets.

Semi-Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Finial hinge on the inside of a cabinet

Semi-concealed hinges are partially visible from the outside of the door, with some of the parts contained inside and other parts on the outside. The exposed part of the hinge is often available with a finial tip, providing a stylish way to connect the cabinet door to the cabinet box and enhancing the look of your cabinetry. This type of hinge lends itself to more decorative kitchen and bath designs, such as antique or retro looks.

Faux Cabinet Hinges

Close up of a faux hinge on a cabinet door

Faux hinges are totally exposed on the exterior of the cabinet door. They can create the look of an inset cabinet door, but with all the convenience of concealed hinging on the inside of the cabinet box. Faux hinges are available in many beautiful designs to create distinctive looks, adding an elegant finishing touch to cabinetry in kitchens, baths and other rooms throughout the home.

Choosing Hinge Materials for Your Decor

Cabinet door with bronze hinge and other bronze decor

Whether your ideal home design is traditional, contemporary, or you prefer transitional styles that blend the best of both, you'll find cabinet hinges in beautiful materials that suit any décor. Hinges are available in gleaming metals like brass, bronze and copper; softer looks in brushed nickel and pewter; as well as stainless steel or antiqued metal looks.

What’s more, cabinet hinges are available in many of the same materials and colors as cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs, providing even more options, should you wish to mix and match styles within your space.

Functionality of Cabinet Door Hinges

Wall cabinet with Smart Stop cabinet hinge in motion

Hinges are typically available for both left- or right-handed doors, making them easy to adapt to your kitchen design. Some hinges are also made specifically for use with framed or frameless cabinet doors.

MasterBrand's family of cabinetry brands are also available with Smart Stop hinges, which ensure a soft, quieter cabinet close with no slamming — a welcome addition to many homes.

Installation of Mortise and Non-Mortise Hinges

Hinges are available in mortise and non-mortise versions. Mortise version hinges are attached to the door via permanent cutouts in the wood. Non-mortise hinges — such as faux cabinet hinges — are attached with screws, without the need to cut into the wood.