Wood cabinet doors from MasterBrand

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Wood Characteristics

The Beauty of Natural Wood

The basic building blocks of MasterBrand's wood cabinets are select hardwoods and veneers. The beauty and elegance of hardwood is expressed in the character of each unique piece as it's machined, assembled and finished into fine cabinetry. Nature's fingerprint is never the same in two pieces of wood, just as it is never the same in two trees. These differences give each piece of wood its genuine beauty.

Bird Pecks

Bird pecks on cabinet wood

Bird pecks are small marks in the grain pattern caused by pecking birds.


Cabinet wood with burl

A burl is a swirl or twist in the grain of the wood that does not contain a knot.

Sound Knot

Cabinet wood with sound knot

A sound knot is solid across its face, which shows no indication of decay.

Unsound Knot

Cabinet wood with unsound knot

An unsound knot is a circular area that was the base of a branch that has a pith center.


Cabinet wood with wormholes

Wormholes are holes in the wood ranging in size to 1/16".

Mineral Streaks

Cabinet wood with mineral streaks

Mineral streaks are an olive to blackish-brown color, following a grain pattern.

Gum Streaks

Cabinet wood with gum streaks

Gum streaks are mineral-like streaks of color naturally occurring only in Cherry wood.


Cabinet wood with heartwood

Heartwood is the mature, usually darker wood, extending from the sapwood to the pith.


Cabinet wood with sapwood

Sapwood is lighter colored wood growing from inside the bark to the heartwood.