Close up of off white glazed cabinets with tulip feet

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Cabinet Legs and Feet

Make a statement with cabinetry

To make a statement with kitchen cabinets, consider adding decorative cabinet legs and cabinet feet to create a furniture-like look. Available in many different styles and configurations, cabinet legs and feet can showcase your room’s overall design theme.

What are cabinet legs and feet?

Cabinet legs and feet can be added to the bottom of your cabinets to raise them up and off the floor, similar to the legs and feet that are used on sofas, chairs and tables. Cabinet feet can also be applied to end stiles or toekicks for decoration.

Types of Cabinet Legs

Although there are several types of cabinet legs available, here are a few varieties commonly used in homes.

Pilaster Leg

Baroque pilaster cabinet leg

Attached to the outside corner of a base cabinet, pilaster legs can be used to add decoration to the cabinet and also support it.

Tapered Leg

Close up of light wood cabinet with tapered leg

Simple and evocative of a piece of furniture, tapered cabinet legs are wider at the top and gently narrow toward the bottom to support a base cabinet.

Turning-Style Leg

Burgundy kitchen cabinets with turning style cabinet legs

Turning-style legs are formed with the use of a lathe, making it possible to create intricate designs in a variety of styles in a kitchen design.

Types of Cabinet Feet

Cabinet feet are available in many different styles. Here are just a few of the varieties that are most commonly used in homes.

Bun Feet

Close up of bun foot on off white cabinets

Short and round, or square and chiseled, bun cabinet feet can be simple in style or feature an elegantly carved look.

Tulip Feet

Close up of dark wood cabinets with tulip foot

With a gently curved top that tapers narrowly at the bottom, tulip cabinet feet evoke the gentle lines of the flower they are named after.

Metal Feet

Close up of dark wood cabinet with square metal cabinet foot

Available in materials from stainless steel to brushed nickel, metal cabinet feet add shine to the bottom of wood cabinets.

How can cabinet legs and feet enhance a room design?

Cabinet legs and feet provide a finishing touch that adds to the appeal of your space. Here are a few examples.

Island Extensions

Close up of dark wood cabinet with square metal cabinet foot

Use cabinet legs to extend a kitchen island and create an inviting space for seating.

Sleek Simplicity

Light gray bathroom cabinets with metal feet

Use metal cabinet feet to create a streamlined look in a modern kitchen or bath.

Furniture Looks

Sink base with cabinet legs

Use split turning legs to accent a bumped out area, such as a sink base cabinet or cooktop, to create a furniture-like look.

Room-to-Room Design Transitions

Close up of Queen Anne cabinet leg on light yellow cabinets

Choose cabinet feet in a style that complements the feet on furniture in an adjacent room, such as a family room off the kitchen.