High gloss thermofoil cabinet from MasterBrand

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Compound Materials

Flexible Color, Design and Styling

Cabinet facings can be made with a variety of compound materials that provide flexibility in color, design and styling, providing another great option for many homes. Here are some types of compound materials to consider when choosing cabinets.

PureStyle™ Laminate

Laminate kitchen cabinets from MasterBrand

Detailing options for PureStyle laminate cabinets are endless because of continuous component wrap technology, which reduces the potential for delamination, peeling or cracking. Each component is individually wrapped, enabling intricate profiles to be designed into the door. Testing has demonstrated PureStyle’s resistance to UV light, aging, moisture, heat damage and staining.


Thermofoil kitchen cabinets from MasterBrand

Thermofoil is constructed using heat and pressure to bond a thin layer of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) film to a shaped and glued component of medium density fiberboard. The result is a seamless surface that covers a panel's face and edges. The component back features a white, seamless melamine surface that is excellent for wear and easy cleaning. Thermofoil comes in high-gloss or high-gloss wood grain versions.

Eco Veneers

Kitchen with Eco Veneer cabinets from MasterBrand

Eco Veneers are thinly sliced sheets of solid wood that are applied to a furniture core panel, providing the warmth and beauty of real wood with more consistent grain and color characteristics. Veneers also result in less deforestation of slow-growing species.


Acrylic cabinets from MasterBrand

Acrylic is flat laminated on a ¾" engineered core for the face of the door, while the door back consists of a complementary melamine for a consistent appearance. Acrylic cabinets create a contemporary, fashion-forward look.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

This type of board is formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers. Heat and pressure are used to form a homogenous, medium density fiberboard. This substrate has less variability in it than other wood species, making it excellent for machining and painting. Individual pieces can be machined and assembled much like a wood door.

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