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Install Your Cabinets

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Working With Your Cabinet Installer

What's the key to a smooth installation?

Preparation. If you've decided to hire a professional installer, start asking friends and colleagues for referrals early in the planning stages. Your kitchen designer may have a short-list of recommended firms to offer as well. In addition to asking for bids, interview each installation firm asking questions like:

    • What's the size of their crew?
    • How many jobs will they manage simultaneously?
    • What's their process for working in an occupied residence?
    • Is the contractor insured and properly licensed?
    • Will the contractor employ any sub-contractors?  If yes, these should be approved by you.

Once an installer is selected, convene a meeting between you, your designer and the installer to be sure that everyone is on the same page with regard to the project scope, dates, timelines and responsibilities.