A remodeling checklist is a great way to ensure your remodeling priorities are covered.

Plan Your Project

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Remodel Checklist

Preparing for Your Remodeling Plans

Creating a remodel checklist is an important first step in preparing for your remodeling plans. There are several questions to ask yourself before meeting with your designer. We've listed a few of those below to get the ball rolling.


Consider the overall design for your space, like this cabinet for a bathroom remodeling project.

Do you want to keep the same overall design style for the space or create a new one? Does everything in the space need updating or only certain elements such as cabinets, countertops and flooring? Do appliances or fixtures need updating? How does this space join other areas in the home? What do you want this room to say about yourself or family?


Cabinet organization option for kitchen remodeling project

How do you want to use your new space? What appliances or design elements should be group together for optimal functionality? For example, an avid home cook may want his or her spice rack at the ready when cooking on the stove in the new kitchen, or a bookworm may want to create a small reading nook and bookshelf in the new office. If you plan to add furniture or new doors and windows to the space, also consider how the layout will need to accommodate those additions.

Storage and Organization

Cabinet drawer organization for a bathroom remodeling project

Do you want to make it easier to find items you need? Do you need more countertop storage space, more cabinet storage space or both? Do you like drawers for storage versus shelving? Do you buy in bulk and need to store those items in your kitchen? Do you have an abundant amount of cookbooks, kitchen tools or spices? As you consider what items need to go inside your cabinets, write them down to capture a full list to revisit throughout your design process.