Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Style by MasterBrand

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Rustic Cabinets

Cabinet Design That's Tuned In To Nature

Imagine a quaint country cottage or your grandparent's home where everything seemed familiar and timeless. Rustic cabinet style is built on the simple idea that everything in the room has been lived-in. At times raw and weathered, and at others softly distressed, this warm and relaxed kitchen design style brings the charm of the outside in. Using natural materials, carved woods, heavy copper or iron and a hodge-podge of textures and embellishments, rustic design elements come together to tell a uniquely long and rich story.

Characteristics of Rustic Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Design by MasterBrand

Decorations inspired by nature – Rustic cabinets often showcase the wood grain for a natural look. Complement this look with other natural elements, such a stone backsplash in a kitchen.

Worn, country antique looks – Create a country feel using cabinetry with distressed features. Incorporate small cubbies that allow you to showcase pottery or collectibles.   

Rough or faded paint – Using soft, worn-looking colors such as a dusty blue cabinet in a bedroom or pale green cabinets in the kitchen can help to create a rustic look. 

Pattern through texture – In addition to weathered woods, incorporate pattern and texture using cabinets made with spaces for basket storage — perfect for a mudroom or kitchen island.