Wall cabinets in a dark brown wood stain

Install Your Cabinets

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How to Install Wall Cabinets

Learn the fundamentals and key steps of installing wall cabinets

The key to smooth cabinet installation is proper preparation to ensure they are level and secure. This video will prepare you with a visual demonstration of the key steps in preparing and installing wall cabinets.

  • Locating the high point on the floor and finding level lines on the wall
  • Preparations including donning safety wear and removing cabinet doors for easier lifting, and marking stud locations on the wall
  • Installing a corner cabinet and dealing with walls that are not square
  • Installing a 24-inch wide by 36-inch tall wall cabinet
  • Ensuring exact measurement for smooth cabinet-to-cabinet installation
  • Allowing for a range hood installation
  • Installing a 36-inches wide by 36-inches tall and 15-inches deep wall cabinet