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Kitchen Design Ideas

Make Your Kitchen Layout Work For You

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home and your kitchen design should not only reflect your unique taste, but also take into account how you use it. Here are a few kitchen design ideas to help create a kitchen design that works for you.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island Layout - Dine-in Kitchen - MasterBrand

Add more functionality and beauty to your kitchen design by creating a kitchen island. Our vast array of cabinetry options enables you to add an additional sink, special cabinets for storage and organization, extra seating for entertaining or use during mealtime, and much, much more. An island can also be used as an artistic element through the use of contrasting kitchen cabinet styles and finishes.


Built-in Appliance Cabinet - Kitchen Design Idea

Are you planning to purchase new appliances in your new kitchen? Take into account a larger refrigerator or stove, or the addition of a wine cooler when making kitchen design plans. Another option is to add a microwave drawer that eliminates bending and reaching that usually occurs with a countertop or above-stove version.


Built-in Cabinet Lighting - Cabinet Design

The way you light your kitchen can have a dramatic impact on its beauty and functionality. For example, in addition to installing lighting in traditional areas such as over the stove and sink, use under-cabinet and over-cabinet light to create a cozy look. Or showcase your beautiful glassware or china by installing cabinets with glass inserts and interior cabinet lighting.

Open Shelving

Kitchen Design with Open Shelving

Installing open shelving not only provides additional storage, but it enables you to showcase decorative items or collectibles that can enhance your kitchen design. Open shelving can also be used for basket storage to add texture and visual interest to your kitchen design, while keeping clutter cleverly contained.


Technology to incorporate in your kitchen layout design.

Consider whether to incorporate a workspace into your kitchen where you can use laptop to check email, research recipes or take care of paperwork. Use cabinetry to tuck in a small work desk with storage cubbies for organizing school notes, papers and small items. Incorporate a charging station for the family's phones and other electronic devices.

Universal Design

Universal Kitchen Design - Where functionality and efficiency meet convenience.

The guiding principle of universal design is simple – a space should be comfortable and easy to use for anyone, regardless of age or ability. Take into account the age, height and needs of everyone in the household as you make kitchen design plans. This is also a time to consider future needs that will enable you or others to “age in place” at home, such as lower-height counters, easy-access storage and organization cabinets, and simple-to-use hardware for the cabinet doors.