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Cabinet Design Styles

Find Your Kitchen Cabinet Style

Your design style is a reflection of who you are and how you live. Capture your personal vision with MasterBrand's extensive selection of kitchen cabinet styles, bathroom cabinet styles, and cabinet styles for virtually any other room in your home. You can even create your own one-of-a-kind design using our broad array of personal touches, like cabinet finishes, hardware, and mouldings.

Not sure exactly what your design style is? Learn more about different cabinet design styles to determine your design preferences and discover which cabinet style is right for you. No matter what you choose, we have a look to reflect your unique tastes.

Casual Cabinets

Casual Cabinet Design - MasterBrand Cabinets

Casual cabinet design is the perfect mix of modernity and tradition. If you're looking for a bright and airy look that comfortably blends all your favorite style aspects, then casual cabinets may be a good choice.

Contemporary Cabinets

Contemporary Kitchen Design Style - MasterBrand Cabinets

Sleek, modern and bold: contemporary cabinets make a dramatic statement. If you like to be on the cutting edge and love a simple and sparse design, then the contemporary cabinet design style could be just what you're looking for.

Rustic Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Design - MasterBrand Cabinets

Rustic cabinets often have a worn feel that fits well in a quaint cottage or breezy summer lake home, but this cabinet design can also work well in your home if you're looking for a more lived in style or want a nature-inspired look that brings the outside in.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Design - MasterBrand Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are elegant, warm, and inviting. Details with old-world charm are infused into a cabinet design style that calls on a myriad of colors, textures and materials to create an enduring design with classic appeal that so many can appreciate.