Glasses, pen and paper on a desk

Design Your Room

Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Things to Share with the Designer

Use this kitchen remodel checklist of things to share with the designer at your first meeting to ensure you have thought of everything before working out a project plan.

Kitchen design images you've collected from magazines, websites and/or your camera phone, to give the designer an idea of what you have in mind.

Notes on reasons for the remodel, including positives and negatives of the current space, so the designer will better understand how you want to use the space.

Notes on any new appliances you intend to purchase to better determine space requirements needed.

Dimensions of key elements of the room such as doors, windows and hallways that will impact the design of the new space.

An outline of the budget you have in mind.

Dream Cabinet Wish List

Must-have cabinet features.

Would-be-nice-to-have cabinet features.

Style desired: Casual? Contemporary? Rustic? Traditional? Other?

Wood type desired.

Upgrades and finishing touches desired.

Ask to order samples of a specific wood, door style or finish.