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Cabinet Innovations

Innovative Cabinets Incorporating Technology

Cabinet innovations continue to evolve with new technologies that make life easier and more convenient than ever. In addition, many cabinets can now accommodate technology we use every day, like smartphones or tablets, for greater flexibility and practicality throughout the home — from the kitchen to the home office and any room in between.

Here are some innovative cabinets to consider when designing your new space.

Sensio PowerPod

Sensio Power Pod for built-in outlets

A convenient solution for power access in today's homes, the Sensio PowerPod quickly and easily turns a kitchen island or other countertop into a workspace with the use of a pop-up device that has three electrical outlets and two USB ports. The Sensio PowerPod is available in three different color choices that blend beautifully with any home décor. This versatile cabinet innovation isn't exclusive to the kitchen; it can be installed in any room of the home that has a flat surface with an 18-inch vertical clearance above and below.

Hands-Free Functionality

Trash cabinet with hands-free access

Hands full? No problem. Our cabinets with pre-installed automatic opening mechanisms give you hands-free access, like our touchless trash can unit. With just a tap of your knee, hip or elbow to open, this trend-forward innovative cabinet provides a practical solution to a necessary task while simplifying cleanup in the kitchen or home office.

Remote Control Locking Cabinets

Locking cabinet with remote control

Stealth Lock, a remote control locking option for cabinetry, lets you protect personal documents, valuables, alcohol or cleaning supplies. A single keypad operates up to 12 locking cabinets, giving you peace of mind and ensuring safekeeping for items you want to keep securely and safely stored out of sight.

LED Cabinet Lighting Options

LED cabinet lighting

Display special treasures or set the mood in your new space with unique LED cabinet lighting. Add backlighting to your cabinet interiors, beneath cabinet toe kicks, or along ceiling mouldings for a dramatic, glamorous look.

Tablet Holder

Under-cabinet tablet holder

This innovative tablet holder is installed underneath wall cabinets and tilts down to display a rotatable reading surface at an ideal viewing height. When not in use, it inconspicuously tucks up and away beneath the cabinet to preserve counter space and keep the tablet out of harm's way.