Design Your Room

Survey Says!

"Home Quarters" have become headquarters.

A recent NKBA survey focused on lifestyle changes, and how they relate to what folks are prioritizing right now.

Variety Within


Open kitchen layouts and multi-functional spaces that foster inclusion and visibility to areas of the home have gained importance with current lifestyle shifts. 87% of survey respondents say the ability to tackle a variety of activities, such as homework or game night  in the kitchen has become their new normal.

Clutter Busting


Minimizing clutter, cleaning, and targeted storage are critical –particularly with newly heightened awareness– throughout the house, especially in kitchens and baths where there are multiple high-touch zones and supplies are often stored. According to 80% of folks surveyed, that’s where their focus lies-- we’re here to help them get the job done efficiently!

Safe and Healthy


Planning kitchen details that help to be more health conscious– whether in fresh food storage or managing the health and safety of their family, these details have seen significant growth for consideration.  Items like a locking drawer storage system  appeal to nearly 50% of lifestyle survey respondents.